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Our lab's


Our mission in the Tripathi Lab is to expand the boundaries of human potential through science and technology. When it comes to health and lives, accuracy and urgency are essential. We innovate, integrate, and design scalable bioengineering solutions for:

  • earlier diagnostics.

  • faster workflows for new treatments and cures.

  • forging new pathways with the highest level of quality.

Our Values

We believe we succeed only when our team members thrive. To innovate and push the boundaries of technology, we nurture an environment where each one of us is encouraged to be our authentic selves and our input is valued. We measure our impact by the technologies we develop, the phenomena we discover, the community health we help improve, and the scientific careers we cultivate.

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Our Culture:

  • To cultivate varied backgrounds and diverse perspectives

  • To strive for inclusion and respect

  • To dedicate ourself to growth, learning, and community

  • To be innovative and push past barriers

  • To move technology forward for the good of everyone

  • To work diligently, be inquisitive, and hold ourselves to high standards of safety, ethics, and transparency

  • To give everyone the opportunity for success

Our Commitment to the Community:

  • To perform an annual community service & and volunteer days to encourage team members to give back to society

  • To communicate and engage communities about our work via social media platforms

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